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Tune is a design concept for Calzavara, it’s a multi-functional urban design structure which will host network antennas and new technology to be located inside urban environments.  The structure therefore had to be both decorative, functional and incorporate new habits of interaction with urban people. 


This design concept brings both the technology user and non-user together in one element.  At the base exists what appears to be a monolithic water feature.  However, once the observer comes within several meters, a black panel will ramp up a visible display. It features three different ways to interact with the structure. The first panel is a WI-FI enabled interactive screen with live video and location map.  The second panel is a fixed display with weather date and time as well as easy to read graphical icons.  The third panel is there to last; it’s a solid piece of granite with a laser etched tribute to the history of the local community.    

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