Furniture and Product Design Awards

Silver A'Design Award - Furniture design, Waveform Bookcase made by Mabele

2018  Italy

Whirlpool R&D Srl – Top 5 “Future Kitchen Experience” 40 Below Smart Thaw concept

2016  Italy - Top 3 out of 900 entries "Off the Wall"  Waveform Bookcase concept

2015  Italy

Shapeways - Top 10 "Extend the Function iPhone Case" Macro Case

2015  USA  

Designboom - Short List out of 1,171 entries, Lexus Design Award "Senses"  Vortexx

2015  USA


Interior Design Awards

Duravit - Honorable mention (District 2 Design) "Duravit Dream Bath Competition"

2015  USA


Architectural Design Awards

New Store of the Year Design Competition by Chain Store Age Magazine, Designer

1990  USA

Stores & Centers of Excellence Design Competition by Monitor Magazine, Designer

1990  USA

World Store Design Competition sponsored by Inspiration Magazine, Designer

1990  USA

Annual Merchandising Achievement Awards  by Playthings Magazine, Designer

1990  USA


Architectural Design Awards - Student


First Place: Steelcase Design Competition for interior Design, tied for First Place overall

1988  USA

Second Place: Van Luit West Week Design Competition for best showroom design

1988  USA





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